The Everyware Merchant Account
Everything you need to process Deals & Discounts directly through Everyware.

They're your customers,
shouldn't they be paying you?

With an Everyware Merchant Account, you can easily create deals and allow customers to pay you directly for specials and services rather than a third party couponing service. Your customers get the deal and you put more money back into your pocket. Now that's how you build a business.


Want to go further?

Take advantage of complete POS support including mobile payments, hardware. POS transactions and more. Low processing fees, flat monthly rates and best-in-class service will have your cash register ringing...

Need some capital to grow your business?
We can arrange for that too.

Everyware cares about the success of small businesses. We can even get you a small business loan for $10,000 to $50,000 that you automatically pay back each time you process a transaction through your merchant gateway. The more you process, the faster you pay off your loan. It's that simple.