Everyware® Reveals Pharmacy Digital Payment Experience Statistics and Trends Since the Pandemic Hit

Everyware shows how to collect payments fast while improving patient experience.


Everyware, a leading contactless payments and customer engagement solutions company in the U.S., is streamlining the pharmacy digital experience for customers and physicians. Now more than ever, pharmacies are modernizing their patient engagement strategies by integrating text payment and two-way messaging solutions since the consumer demand for touchless digital services is at an all-time high. Everyware's pharmacy clients saw an average between 40-60% Pay by Text conversion rate, a figure which has steadily increased each month this year, implying a rise in consumers' comfort with text-based service or perhaps a rise in companies' text service delivery confidence and skill.

While the need for efficient customer engagement and contactless payment technology is not new to pharmacies, Everyware is seeing more retail pharmacies incorporate text-based messaging and invoicing solutions to meet consumer demand and the rising strain on pharmacy teams since the pandemic. Over the last three months, Everyware has onboarded over 30+ new accounts, numerous new enhancements and two new, large pharmacy management platforms to launch by the holidays.

Adoption of text messaging and text-based invoice payment by pharmacy customers is on the rise. Everyware tracks its Pay by Text link clicks, completed payments originating from text invoices, and message response rates to showcase the platform's effectiveness. Invoice links texted to pharmacy customers were clicked on and used to complete payments for between 60-78% of pharmacy customers using Everyware.

Additionally, a pharmacy client launched Everyware's auto refill and prescription shipping text updates last Spring and within the first two weeks, the pharmacy engaged with over 8,400 patients which represented 30% of their initial customer base. 20% of the text replies were insurance or address verifications. Patients adopted this communication method so quickly that soon after the launch, the client implemented text automation to streamline the experience and drove a higher level of customer service.

Another online retail pharmacy powered by Everyware saw an 80% successful Pay by Text transaction rate within the first week of launching auto RX refill text alerts with the option to pay for orders by text message invoice links. Some customers opted not to pay for their orders by text message for various reasons but still replied to the pharmacy team's text messages with record update requests, medication consult requests or questions about pricing or insurance; proving text messaging is the ultimate choice in customer communications.

By studying pharmacy client activity trends, the Everyware team developed a set of evidence-based best practices for harnessing Pay by Text and pharmacy customer messaging. The best time of day to send Pay by Text links to pharmacy customers that yield the highest click and pay rate is 2 p.m. on weekdays.

Everyware intentionally designed Pay by Text so patients do not need to download a mobile app or log into a portal. It is HIPAA secure, PCI certified and conveniently contactless, which keeps everyone and their data safe. Automated text messages can easily be setup to alert patients to refill, recalls, and information regarding medications in an extremely useful feature for pharmacies.

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