Why Two-way Texting Leads to Happier Customers

Picking up the phone to make plans is almost unheard of these days. Most people will send a quick text, letting the recipient know when and where to meet. In our busy lives we rarely have time to talk on the phone, however, a text message can be easily replied to while on the go. This convenience and speed of communication are beginning to slide their way into the business and consumer world.

Two-way texting is proving popular with consumers, and not just among younger demographics; with older customers too. In fact, 89% of consumers want to use messaging to communicate with businesses. Implementing a two-way texting solution is not only preferred by customers, but it also eliminates risks associated with old-fashioned methods of customer communication such as missed calls and lost emails.

According to Forbes, businesses are losing $62 billion per year due to poor customer service. It could be that customers encountered rude and unhelpful staff, were redirected to countless agents, were put on hold for too long, or just generally felt unappreciated. Either way, businesses risk reputation, customer loyalty, and revenue if their customer service isn't up to scratch.

Customer service is in need of a revival and texting is the perfect solution. Here’s why opting for a two-way text messaging solution will keep your customers happy:

Quick reply templates and automated responses

Two-way text messaging solutions allow companies to use quick reply templates and automated responses. Not only does this guarantee 24/7 customer service, but it will help train reps on how to handle conversations. Having an established reply system in place will keep communication professional and ensure that customers are treated with the right care in every situation. (add in hospitality example)

Allows reps to see all previous communication

Encompassing a two-way texting solution into your business creates a powerful all-in-one communication platform. Text messages and system notes from any previous communication with a customer is visibly available to reps. In other words, a business can easily scroll up through past conversations with a customer, keeping everyone in the loop. This significantly improves the customer's overall journey as it means they do not have to repeat themselves continually. Reps will have a better understanding of the customer and will be able to get to the root of the problem quickly, without having to bother the customer as much.

Creates a personalized experience

Although texting to some may feel faceless and characterless for customer care, when implemented properly it can develop a personalized experience. Two-way texting lets customers speak directly with one rep, which builds a better connection with the customer compared to a redirected phone call. Reps can, therefore, be on a first name basis with their customers and throw in a personal touch or unique follow up message that best suits the customer.

A personalized customer experience leads to happier customers and could even help attract new ones; 69% of Americans would recommend a company after a positive customer experience. Reps can even use two-way texting to easily send customer survey links at the end of each chat. On a phone call a customer is less likely to agree to complete one, however, sent as an easy ‘one-click away’ text gives the client more incentive to do it.

Faster and more efficient

Lastly, texting is overall faster, more efficient and easier for both customer and business. Emails can often go unopened and calls can be frustrating, however, a text is almost immediately read and received. It also enables businesses to send last minute appointment changes or alters in products directly to the customer. These messages are more likely to reach the client as text messages do not rely on internet access.

Texting is quickly becoming the consumer's preferred form of communication with business and brands. It streamlines communication, resulting in higher quality customer care, and more importantly leaves the customer content.

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