Turning Call Centers Into Text Centers

Calling a customer service number has never been an easy process. You are always put on hold and left waiting twenty minutes while slowly losing your mind to the same jingle that plays on repeat, only to finally hear a human voice on the line solve what would have been a two-minute issue. Call centers serve as an important link between businesses and customers but have remained outdated and have not progressed with the times. However, luckily for us, companies are hanging up to turn their attention towards a new communication platform with two-way texting.

Happier Customers

Two-way texting messaging is redefining traditional call center communication. In fact, it is now the most preferred channel for communication as 89% of consumers not only want to be able to receive information via text but also reply to businesses or engage in a conversation. Companies are unlocking the power of SMS to accelerate productivity, scale labor, and increase responsiveness for customers. 90% of consumers rate an "immediate" response as very important when they have a customer service question. Text chat technology eliminates long wait times, therefore resulting in happier customers.

Fewer calls and no hold times

35% of callers will hang up within one minute of waiting. To improve hold times and response rates, give customers a convenient platform to text in their questions and receive immediate responses. With phone calls, agents can only deal with one customer at a time, but an SMS texting solution can concurrently manage multiple conversations with numerous clients. It also ensures agents are handling every customer with the best practices.

Texting solutions, however, will not cause the demise of customer service calls. Many customers still prefer human interaction compared to talking to a machine and sometimes a call is needed to properly understand and address the problem. In fact, 74% of people still contact customer service via phone. However, a texting solution can alleviate call center congestion by allowing customers to text in requesting a call as opposed to waiting on the line.

Automated messaging increases efficiency and improves customer care

Customers who require a more complex answer or help can be sent automated messages explaining that a live agent will contact them directly to rectify the issue. After a phone call, texting platforms can even send follow up messages or confirmations which personalize the customer experience and demonstrate that your company is going the extra mile to ensure optimum customer care. Moreover, with advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Bot technology, standard issues can be responded too and resolved with automated messages. It also ensures around the clock service.

Two-way texting platforms provide customers with a direct line of communications to improve their experience before, during and after their appointment. It allows a follow-up survey to be sent in a text message either with a direct link or the customer can submit a 1-10 rating of their overall experience. This ensures companies are always striving to offer professional customer care and polish their reputation. Unlike an email survey which will likely go un-opened, 72% of smartphone owners check their phone at least once an hour. Therefore, customers will be more inclined to fill out a survey if it is conveniently sent to them in a text message.

API integration for seamless connection to your current systems

Most text chat technology, including Everyware’s SMS Platform, connects seamlessly with existing systems thanks to an open API. Companies can keep using their current CRS and CRM systems alongside a streamlined texting platform. Everyware’s SMS Platform is scalable for critical processes across any platform and can update code quickly.

With automated messages and customized templates, text messaging platforms offer quick and seamless interaction not just for the customer, but for the agent too. This increases productivity as it frees up resources and allows customer care agent to provide their assistance effectively instead of on time-consuming calls. This cost-effective solution an indispensable tool for companies in all areas of their business.

With fewer people dialing and more texting, it only makes sense that companies consider text messaging solutions as a mandatory investment to bring customer service call centers into the 21st century.

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