How Businesses Can Get a Grip on Customer Expectations

Customer expectations are changing. A recent Accenture report has found that for the past five years, approximately one-third of customers have indicated that their expectations for service and support are greater than they were the previous year. With the adoption of advanced technologies and life online, simply ensuring customers receive a friendly and efficient service will no longer cut it. Customers expect quick and seamless support on their preferred channel of communication.

To meet the requirements of the modern consumer, businesses need to raise the bar when it comes to creating a flawless customer journey from start to finish. Here are three ways for companies to hit the ground running and embrace the changes in customer expectations:

Focus on customer success

Maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction is a continuous effort. It shouldn’t fade once a company has landed a new client, nor should it rely on customer service ‘reactions’. To meet customer expectations it is now necessary for businesses to focus on customer success, a new proactive approach to customer service built on investing in the customers that they already have.

Businesses need to meet their customer's expectations from the onset, instead of solving issues that crop up along their journey. By interacting with customers and presenting them with a hands-on, proactive approach, businesses will be able to strengthen relationships and properly understand customer needs.

"It is easy to use and our customers absolutely love being able to text us rather than talking on the phone! Plus, it's more convenient and allows us to handle more customer service questions at a time" - Lisa Ferrari

One way to do this is to use an all in one CRM solution to handle the most common and most complex processes of customer engagement. This ensures all team members have detailed data about every customer.

Prioritize the post-sale experience and invest in the customer journey no matter if they are a new client or loyal customer. Sometimes, concentrating less on quantity, and more on quality is the trigger to a company’s growth.

Make customer service accessible

Managing changes in customer expectations hinges on a winning communication channel. Outdated platforms such as emails and even phone calls have grown less appealing for customers who want their queries addressed promptly.

Businesses need to start making customer service more convenient for their customers and encourage communication on these channels. Add a two-way texting platform and promote this easy to use channel to customers. Text messaging eliminates the need to call and wait on hold. Therefore, customers will be more inclined to engage with brands using text communication.

96% of unhappy customers rarely complain. In fact, they normally just leave, and 91% do not come back. However, giving customers an easy means of communication where they can shoot a quick text when they have an issue, or if they have a problem with a product, allows a business to step up and address the situation quickly and prevent these customers from leaving.

Tech-focused Customer Service

Our mobile-focused culture has resulted in a turn towards mobile-friendly customer service. However, thanks to leaps in AI and bot technology, texting solutions are not the only advancements knocking on the doors of customer service approaches.

The majority of businesses are now using chatbots and AI to provide their customers with 24/7 care and many are even using these platforms to send automated messages and reminders. This allows businesses to be proactive and follow up automatically with customers after an appointment. Moreover, reminders can be sent by text if details of the product or appointments change last minute.

There are plenty of tools and resources on the market that are paving the way towards automated and advanced customer care solutions. Companies looking to keep up with modern customer expectations need to invest in what is available to them and shift their efforts from traditional customer service techniques towards progressive, customer success methods.

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