6 Ways Two-Way Text Messaging Can Improve Customer Service

With the current business environment being more customer-focused and competitive than ever, companies need to amp up their customer service skills to retain customers and stay afloat. One essential tool businesses should use is two-way text messaging. Just as texts have replaced calls between friends and family, consumers to have come to prefer this form of communication with brands. In fact, research shows that text messages have a 98% open rate and 45% response rate resulting in improved customer service.

Not only is two-way texting the customer’s channel of choice, but improving customer service yields numerous benefits for a company's overall business. A positive customer experience is crucial for any company’s success. Here are six ways two-way text messaging can boost customer service.

1. Return on Customer Investment

In addition to social media, two-way texting is an effective way for companies to retain customers they have and keep business flowing. Retaining an existing customer can be five times less expensive than earning a new consumer’s attention. A two-way text solution allows businesses to maximize their returns by getting more engagement and purchases from their existing customers.

Two-way texting also provides businesses with a platform to easily upsell products and promotions. This could be a room upgrade or an exclusive deal on a car service. Establishing this highly connected mobile relationship with customers creates a new channel of revenue. Existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products and spend 31% more than new customers. Two-way text technology provides automated and scalable means through which a brand can communicate with their customers to provide the right offer at the right time in a channel with high response.

2. Happier Customers

70% of customers say they would want to use mobile messaging to troubleshoot an issue, according to a study by Market Strategies. Customers don’t want to waste their time on hold or wait for someone to return their call. Providing customers with quick and convenient service through text messaging will make solving problems hassle free, resulting in happier customers. Artificial intelligence and BOT technology can also be used to offer 24/7 customer service by sending automated responses back to customers. This technology not only drives customer engagement but improves the overall customer experience.

3. Builds Loyalty

Friendly and supportive two-way messaging between customer and business helps to build a level of trust. While phone calls go unanswered and emails get buried in junk, a simple text message will show a customer that the company respects their time and cares about the level of service they are providing. Creating this level of trust with customers will leave them with a positive perception of the brand. Therefore, they are more likely to remain loyal to that particular company. Statistics show that one bad experience could cost a company 19% of their customers, or push customers to decrease their spending.

4. Creates Personalized Connection with Customers

Unlike using short-codes, two-way text messaging allows customers to text back giving them direct contact with someone in customer service. A text is personal and unique, therefore allowing a business to create a meaningful connection with a customer. Companies can also improve customer service by sending text reminders or follow-up messages after an appointment to ensure it all went smoothly. These little efforts allow for a personal touch and can be achieved easily through text messaging.

5. Reach More People

One of the significant benefits of utilizing a two-way text messaging solution is that the message companies send out will reach and be read by more people. 95% of text messages are read within three minutes making two-way texting the perfect outlet for increasing customer engagement.

In the hospitality industry, texting a customer is perhaps the most efficient option to guarantee excellent customer service. If a check-in time needs to be adjusted, or a room needs to be upgraded, then customer service at that particular hotel can use a two-way text messaging service to guarantee that the message has been received. An email could be missed or end up in a junk folder, and a call could go unanswered. However, a text ensures the customer receives the message instantly.

6. Streamline Communication

Whether it’s to send information about a sale, a payment receipt, an upgrade, directions to an appointment or a simple a follow-up message, two-way texting can save time and money by streamlining all communication. Customers can receive information all in one place and respond when it’s best for them. Businesses are also able to manage their conversations in one place and look back at any previous communication with the customer. According to a study done by Twilio, 79% of consumers say that fast response times make for a positive customer experience.

Two-way text messaging solutions can also be integrated with Bot and Artificial intelligence technology to send automated responses when needed. Businesses can, therefore, maximize this level of customer service without actually having to pick up the phone, saving both time and money. The founder and CEO of Everyware, Larry Talley, has implemented his text communication platform into several call centers and found 3 times improvement in agent efficiency.

Overall, text messaging enhances all levels of customer service. It creates a personalized interaction at all stages of the customer’s journey and provides a direct line of communication between customer and business. Reaching more consumers results in higher retention of clients, and delivers a new platform to upsell. Companies that start texting will see not only customer satisfaction soar but also an increase in revenue at a lower cost.

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