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Everyware is a revolutionary new tech that helps businesses in multiple industries increase revenue and get paid faster. Everyware allows your customers to pay remotely, online, or in-person without downloading an app. The platform enables easy invoicing, multiple payment options, and two-way messaging. Customers can respond to your staff or to automated responses, which fosters the business-patron relationship.

Customers can respond to text messages, making them feel connected to your business. Everyware is integrable with your current accounting and management software. It is the perfect tool for companies that want fast payment using the most modern, convenient payment methods available.

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Use Cases

Everyware was designed to allow businesses to collect payments fast by offering convenient, modern ways to pay. Everyware secure APIs allow for flexible integration of the most valuable payment and messaging features into existing systems. Everyware has been successfully integrated into healthcare businesses, nonprofits, auto dealerships, hotels, resorts, and more. Businesses in every industry can get paid more and faster.

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Contactless Payment

Everyware's contactless payment solutions enable customers to make payments with a wave of a mobile phone at checkout, scanning a QR code or a simple pay by text, email or both.

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Integrated Online Payments

Quickly install our ecommerce checkout plugins to support both ACH and credit card payments for WooCommerce and Shopify storefronts. Got a custom storefront, no worries, simply integrate our hosted checkout pages that can be customized to match your brand with the highest level of security in place to keep payment data safe.


While we lead on the contactless payment space with Pay by Text and other solutions, Everyware also provides merchants with cutting edge card-present POS solutions to integrate with card swipe and tap to pay terminals.

Network Tokenization
Everyware pioneers the best solution for merchants with network tokenization + Text to Pay to use your phone as a form of payment. This advanced technology ensures that card details are protected throughout the entire transaction lifecycle, reduces declines, saves merchants money and much more. Learn how network tokenization is the security solution for the future.
Integration Hub

Check out how easy it is to integrate payments, two-way messaging functionality, hosted payments page, ecommerce solutions, payment webhooks and much more.

The Industries We Serve
Everyware is widely used in healthcare practices, billing and account receivables agencies, non-profit organizations, the travel industry, auto dealerships, restaurants, and many more. Our invoice and pay by text feature ensures faster payments while our easy integration means that businesses across all industries will be adopting our invoice and payment platform in the near future.
Billing Management
Everyware is the perfect payment system for pharmacies, specialty practices, chiropractors, health systems, medical billing agencies, and more. Patients can pay with contactless payment whether they’re at the practice or not. Send batches of patient invoices with automatic, personalized reminder texts so fewer patients forget to pay their bills. As more and more telehealth appointments are conducted over smartphones, doesn’t it make sense for patients to be able to make instantaneous payments on the same devices? Everyware offers health care practices, health management platforms, and medical billing agencies HIPAA secure messaging and convenient payment solutions. Tokenized payment methods allow patients to pay with their preferred payment method simply by typing "yes" and hitting send.