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COVID19 Response

Everyware Waives Fees and Offers Fast-Tracked Accounts for Companies in Need

To demonstrate appreciation for healthcare, non-profits and small businesses struggling to keep operations running during the current pandemic, Everyware is offering new clients free platform access for the next three months. The text messaging platform with contactless payment built-in serves as an efficient crisis management tool to help companies stay afloat amidst COVID19 challenges. See Full Press Release

Healthcare Invoice
Benefits of Everyware as Crisis Communication and Payments Solution
  • Collect contactless, partial payments and incentives to pay
  • Streamline work from home communication
  • Engage more with community and volunteers
  • Easy text message update campaigns
  • Free platform access for the next three months
  • Same day merchant account approval
  • No app to download
  • Easy auto response setup for keyword COVID 19

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We'll set you up with your own site and ability to collect contactless payments fast.

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